We got all your Ice needs covered.

We primarily offer Hoshizaki Undercounter “Top Hat Ice Maker” for handicap accessibility counters which are common in most office spaces. For kitchens that areas were not designed to accommodate Undercounter Ice Machines, we offer Countertop Ice Maker or Free Standing Ice/Water Machine made by Folett Ice.

In most cases the machines are sold and installed with a service contract which means hassle free for you. For companies that are renting or occupying office space for a limited time, we offer lease/rent contracts. We also help BioTech Companies with their “Fish Market” type ice to get best results in their research with Ice Machines by Hoshizaki.

Filtration Systems are the “Kidneys” of the Ice Machine. They work 24/7 to prevent anything that comes with water such as rust, dust, minerals and chlorine. Clear ice production is mistaken most of the time with regular freezer ice that is produced in freezing environment and stays frozen in the tray. Clear ice is produced every 40 minutes.

4. We truly believe that your Kitchen is the most important area and every inch underneath the sink area needs to be utilized.  Therefore we provide a  solution with fantastic features like Instant Hot/Cold faucet or just Hot faucet option.  You can also choose a single Instant Cold faucet with water chiller.  Each water system will be plumbed with H300 Everpure Filtration System, the best the Industry has to offer to get the best tasting water quality.

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